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Thursday, August 20, 2015


     Last night, I heard the vocals of a sun dying. It was goddamn terrifying. The shrieks could not be heard in the vast dark void known as space, but I could somehow feel the tremors building up inside of me, until I exploded. The entire world beneath me shook. I was ripped apart by the intense gamma rays radiating from the brilliant supernova. I was all but gone.


     I bounced from bed to bed, aiming to eventually reach the far end where the springs hurt the least and the mattress was the most soft. I guess I was being too loud. I had almost met my goal when the door creaked open and a caretaker came in.

     "Hey!" she exclaimed, "You're not supposed to be out of your pot. youngster,"

     "Aw, give me a break. All I do each day is soak up whatever toxins you guys feed to my tube!" I whined.

     "That's to train you for the field. They're delicious, anyway." she replied impatiently. "Now get back into your pot and soak up the rest of those toxins."

     "Fine, fine."

     I bounced across the beds until I reached the one that was stationed beside my pot. Settling in and making sure my stems would not be rumpled against the glass walls by the movement of by beating trunk, I turned back and waved at the caretaker.

     "Very good. I'll come back to check on you later, youngster." She turned and closed the creaking door softly behind her.

     I listened carefully to the clip-clopping footsteps her heels made. I shrugged. She probably went back to the kitchen to prepare some toxins to distribute to other younger potties like me. Or so she planned.


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